Dezi (IG Mix)

Greetings TIGRland,

It’s been brought to my attention that my foster brothers, Risotto and Rigby, have recently
been promoting themselves with the help of our foster Mommy.  Well, I refuse to be left out.
OK, well, I don’t refuse because that’s not how I roll.  How about, I would like to be included.
That is a reflection of my personality and how I approach life.  I am a quiet guy that enjoys
whatever the day brings.  If we’re home all day chillaxin’ with foster Mom, you’ll most likely
find me outside enjoying the sun and patrolling the yard for “intruders”.  I  love to sunbath
and hang out with my foster bro Rigby.   I’m also good with just laying around being a “couch
potato”, going for long walks, riding in the car, playing at the dog park.  You name I’ll do it.
Some may be curious about my unique appearance; I can assure them, I have IGGY blood
flowing through my veins.   Thanks for reading my pupdate…….. hugs and wags, Dezi~

Dezi is the most precious, loving, well-mannered being that I’ve had since I started fostering. Since the day we picked him up he has shown us nothing but love and affection even through all his pokes, scrapes, pinches and not to mention doses of medications. He is 100% crate trained and LOVES going in his “room” to cuddle up where he remains while I’m away from home.  As far as I can tell (difficult with 7 doggies – accidents happen and if you don’t see then you don’t know who did it) he is also housebroken. I have never witnessed him doing anything in the house, other than joining in on a coffee table chewing incident (which was “gang related”, that he should not. When I get home he is so happy he barks and jumps and is so full of glee to see me. He gets along GREAT with the other dogs and also is happy to play on his own.  He definitely loves to cuddle! I can not say enough GREYT things about him. I tell him often that he is perfect and ask him to rub off on all my kids…lol…I am not sure how he is around cats and children.


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