Ed sunning.2My name is Eddie, but everyone calls me Ed. Are you attracted to well-mannered, easy going, older gentlemen who enjoy cozying up on the couch? Then I’m ready for our first date to see if we are a love match!   I am a fit senior fella who enjoys the outdoors and likes to play a little tug-of-war when I am feeling frisky. My eyesight and hearing aren’t what they used to be, but I am a very independent guy once I know my environment and all the family routines. The home where I am staying has a big backyard that I love to explore!

I am housebroken and l politely ask if I can go outside. But if you are busy and miss my cue I might have an accident. I am 12 years old after all, so I gotta go when I gotta go! My foster Mom and Dad have been very impressed that I get right out there rain or shine, unlike my foster brothers and sisters who won’t touch a blade of wet grass!   Being a free spirit, I do not like being in a crate. If you are away I would be comfortable in a confined space with a comfy bed.   Hopefully, my new family is home regularly or has other furbabies for me to hang out with.

I’m a social guy and prefer having friends and family around. I get along with most anyone (2 legged and 4 legged!) as long as they are respectful and remember that I am a senior who can’t always see or hear you approaching me.   Well that’s about it. I am 11 lbs of sweetness and love looking for my forever family. If you’d like to meet me, get in touch with TIGR and we’ll make a date!


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